Laura Dill

Photo “Dragonfly Humor” ©Laura Dill 2018 All rights reserved.

Laura Dill 

Artist, Poet, Writer & Photographer

Laura is an emerging self-taught visual artist who began painting and participating in local Art Walks 2019 to overcome anxiety and PTSD. She quickly became recognized as a talented artist and crowd favorite with engaging stories behind each painting. She was selected for the Artist Showcase at the Jesse Ball duPont Center and then her first Solo Art Exhibition ran from February-March, 2020 in Players by the Sea Grune Family Gallery. From June-September, 2020 she featured two paintings the FemArt Gallery International Virtual Art Exhibition “Where the Wild Women Go”. She has always enjoyed photography, capturing the unretouched beauty around her. Laura’s photos have been showcased on Facebook Group Homepages and in private homes.

Seeking new adventures in artistic expression Laura began writing during the Pandemic. She is a member of North Florida Poetry Hub, FL State Poets Association and Ancient City Poets where she performed her first open mic in July 2020. Her Artwork and Poetry for the 2020 international project 100,000 Poets for Change are part of the Stanford University Permanent Archives and she will be participating again in 2021.

Laura’s art and poetry are published in Women Writing for (a) Change Anthology (a) river rising: Anthology of Women’s Voices, Vol. II, Birds and Blooms (2020), and Vol. III, Roots and Branches (2021) and her art and poetry will be showing in the their Rivers, A Journey Beneath the Surface Art Exhibition running Sept-Dec 2021. Laura’s poetry was part the public displays for National Poetry Month in Downtown Jacksonville, April - May 2021.

Laura is collaborating as both a Poet and Artist in the inaugural PAM Jam JAX with 3paintings (Jax#11 Yesterday’s Mother) and 4 poems (Jax#12 Poet’s Mind ~Deadlines!) in videos and in the Exhibition at The Art Center Cooperative Oct –Dec 2021 and on their website.

Laura welcomes the unimagined path. She works in acrylics, mixed media, photography, poetry and essays, drawing inspiration from nature, a color palette, a photograph, or exploring an emotion. Through Art she has found courage and seeks to challenge, heal, and transform through brush, pen, and lens. No matter the process or artform, Laura knows it is always a journey worth her time and welcomes you to join her along the way. She lives in Jacksonville, FL with her husband and dogs.

Laura Dill 

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PS: Dill means heart❤

Meet emerging artist Laura Dill! Follow this link to my May 2020 interview for "Where the Wild Women Go" on YouTube

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